Let me help your startup idea reach problem-solution fit

For free.

Reaching problem-solution fit can be a difficult process, especially for a solo founder who has to do everything by himself.

Let me be the fresh pair of eyes and brain cells to help you out. No matter where you are in the process.

Not sure if your idea is a good idea?

Having 100 ideas is better than having 1 because there's a higher chance one of them is a good idea. What problem do you think your idea solves? Let me know and I'll provide you with X additional ideas.

Example: video

Feeling stuck on customer validation?

What is the customer segment with the most potential, how can I learn about their needs and problems? What questions should I ask? Who should I ask, and where can I find them?...

Example: video

How to validate your solution?

You found the customer segment with the most potential that experiences a problem you think you can solve. Do you need help coming up with solutions or validating it?

Example: video

Let me inspire you, for $0.00

I will spend a few hours creating 3 minutes full of inspiration for you, free of charge. Why? Where is the upsell? It doesn't exist, I have nothing to sell.

I've started building an audience on YouTube by helping founders like you in the early stage of their startup. The videos I create for founders like you are all public on my channel to inspire not only you but everyone who feels stuck on their idea #buildinpublic.

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